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Majestic Halo Particle Filter Hood

Majestic Halo Particle Filter Hood

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3-Ply Protection Where You Need It Most:

OUTER LAYER - Temperature Protection Outer Layer – Breathable Heat-Blocking Protection

HALO LAYER - Particle Protection – Blocks Dangerous Particles From Skin Exposure

INNER LAYER - Next-to-Skin Moisture Wicking – For Comfort and Temperature Control



• The role of the HALO particle filter fabric is to filter and/or block particles.

• HALO particle filter fabric is state-of-the-art fabric and technology.

• HALO particle filter fabric is strategically placed to protect high exposure areas of the head and neck (areas that are not covered by the SCBA face piece, helmet and coat collar)

• The HALO hood is color blocked to show placement of the HALO particle filter fabric (GREY fabric area contains the HALO particle filter fabric).

• BLACK fabric area of the HALO hood in our carbon Ultra C6 fabric. Ultra C6 is a breathable heat blocking fabric engineered to stabilize your body core temperature.



• One application, one movement for ease of donning and doffing – product design demonstrates a bias for simplicity and utility

• Combines a next to skin moisture wicking base layer technology + HALO particle filter layer + heat blocking outer layer

• Testing shows HALO Hood fabrics block 96.6% of the particles at the smallest particle size range of .3 microns

• Effectiveness of HALO hood can be determined by evaluating how many particles will pass through the overall hood material composite

• HALO hood fabrics can withstand repeated laundering, while laminated fabrics can breakdown over time with laundering

• HALO hood easy to care for with regular washing and drying (permanent fabric performance that will NOT wash or wear out over time)

• Wicking base layer spreads moisture out across the fabric to enhance the evaporative drying rate

• Helps to control smoke odor on skin following fireground exposures

• UL Certified to the current NFPA 1971 standard

TPP: As received: 48.6 cal/cm2. After 5 washes: 53.4 cal/cm2

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